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An Englishman was showing a foreibn visitor around An Englishman was showing a foreign visitor around London. "What’s that strange building?" asked t这篇阅读的答案 An Englishman was showing a (f )visitor around Londo 英语改错:I will at frist improve my English so that I can talk easily about foreign visitor. Mr Black listened to music in his study last night(对划线部分提问)划线部分为:last night Alice,do you know what was____?A.happened to him B.he doing at that time C.Mr Li's father D.his favorite subject If you love someoneLet them go.If they return.they were always yours.If they don't.they never were. 高一的英文短语让某人对某事处于消息灵通的状态,怎么翻译啊 高一下英语词组.1There is sth wrong with my knee._ _ _ with my knee.2I've got a sharp pain in my left leg.My left leg _ _ .3The doctor advise that she should not have greasy food.The doctor advise _ _ _ have greasy food.4While crossing the stre () the sky getsdark,it is goingto rain soon.1since 2because 3as 4for()every thing is ready ,let's begin our meeting.选项同上 高一常用英语短语 E a s y is to get a place in someone 's addressE a s y is to get a place in someone 's address book ,D i f f i c u l t is to get a place in someone 's heart翻译成汉语是什么意思? 1.Neither you nor I am students ,________?反意疑问句是神马? ..that 引导的状语从句前后主语必须一致吗?(书面用语上)3.So it is / was with+宾格 是神马用法? think of someone or something a lot 是什么词 I think this cat is someone's else改错 Dear angel I miss you Lecasce I love you 英语翻译1.他喜欢踢足球.2.为了学好英语她每天早早起床朗读课文.3.我们应该参加社会活动.4.他把其余的钱存起来留着以后使用.5.这本书值得一读.6.他把他的一生献给了为人民服务的事业.7. 英语翻译RTRT 翻译下,然后造个句子,不要太长啦~1.Ever since2.dream about3.take a great biketrip4.persuade sb to do5.grow up6.get sb interested in doing7.groduate was sb who had done9.cycle fond of...11.keep doing st This one is too small.That one is small___well. 填入句中所缺的词 This one is too small.That one is _ well. This desk is too small.Let's go to that bid one____.A.instead B.instead of C.too D.also This snowman is small.That one is smaller.怎么合并为一句话? he has never been to Beijing,but he wishes to.he has never been to Beijing,but he wishes to have been.have been到底省不省略啊? I ' ve never been to Beijing可以这样用吗?I ' ve never gone to Beijing 当反义疑问句中出现neither...nor时是否反问部分用肯定语气? Neither John nor Tom knows how to spell the world,__________?这题的反义疑问句是什么 neither nor 的反意疑问句Neither you nor I am wrong,______?A.are we we I I she always pays a lot of money______beautiful B.on C.with D.for She trainers cost her a lot of money.(改为同义句) how to do how to do it 中文意思 neither的反义疑问句