The exercise books are so______that I can't carry them.(heavier heavy )选择合适的单词补全句子.

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The exercise books are so______that I can't carry them.(heavier heavy )选择合适的单词补全句子.



heavier 是比较级形式,没有比较,不用比较级

Please hand ( )the exercise books (Please hand ( )the exercise books ( )time . -When shall we hand in the exercise books?-__sooner,__better.-When shall we hand in the exercise books?-__sooner,__better.A:A,a B:A,the C:The,a D:The,the We are going to do some exercise now.Monitor,could you ( ) the exercise books please?A.put downB.look outC.write downD.hand out Our English teacher _____all the exercise books last Friday evening.A have been invitedB will correctC had correctedD corrected 高中英语书面表达It is a common practice that teachers are used to hangding out the exercise books It __________ a lot of things.Ftom the shop we can buy some school thing,_______pens,rulers,walkmans and exercise-books. Linda( ) the exercise books for miss gao now taking carrying bringing putting The teacher said,‘ H__ in your exercise books before the class is over ’ how many books are there on the shelf?N___,there are only some exercise-bo Here are some exercise books.Please give()(their)to the students for me. students in primary and high schools------free exercise books by the chinese government everyyear(offer) 改错 i have handed in all the exercise books expect john. I buy a few exercise books with a little money啥意思 1.“_____ give up,then you can be successful. A:Always B:exercise C:Never D:Hardly 单项选择2.What does your father do in the evening?-He usually _____. A:watchtv B:exercise C:read books D: reads books 3.Lily usually ____ her friends ____ 英语翻译1,To read well,that is,to read true books in a true spirit ,is a noble exercise,and one that will task the reader more than any exercise which the customs of the day esteem.2.It requires a training such as the athletes underwent,the stead 连词组句 WANT,I,BUY,TO,A PEN,TWO EXERCISE,BOOKS,AND (.) The books have a good sale.(同意句)The books{ } { } The teacher is writing ____a piece of chalk on the blackboard while the students are writing ____ink in exercise books.A with,inB in withC in,inD with,with